For those of you who like the “mineral” look of granite, marble and quartz countertops, we have the perfect green alternative for you.  ECO by Cosentino is another countertop characterized by recycled glass content in a concrete matrix, but this green option has several characteristics that also set it apart.

ECO’s beautiful countertops are made from 75% post-industrial and post-consumer recycled content. The recycled materials include not only glass, but also mirror, porcelain, stone scraps, crystalized ash, bound together with non-toxic resins made partially from a corn by-product.

There are bits of mirror visible to the eye in many of the color options, giving the countertops a stunning, sparkling finish. The product is available in many different colors, which range from an almost-white to black, with several “in-between” earth-toned options, consisting of whites, grays, browns and blacks. The look of the product is slightly homogenous, yet slightly spontaneous.

Options of ECO are shown above.
Other benefits? ECO is:
  • Not purchased in a slab, which can make it more affordable for bathroom vanities and for larger kitchen projects, you don’t have to be conscious of sticking to one slab when you need more
  • 3/4″ thickness as opposed to traditional 1.25″ also keeps your project costs down
  • Non-porous and does not require a sealer, which is beneficial as we have yet to identify any available sealers on the market that are truly green and we can say are safe to use in your home
  • A VERY high quality, durable product, and you won’t have the same worries about stains, heat resistance, and scratching, as with comparable products
  • A product you can feel good about: besides its recycled content and responsible manufacturing, choosing ECO avoids supporting the destructive mining processes linked to granite and marble (read more below)
ECO by Cosentino is another one of those products that we are truly proud to carry and support, and one that you can feel good about installing in your home. Not only have they produced a beautiful product in tune with consumer demand, Cosentino has taken many steps to ensure minimal environmental impact. As you’ve read, they use recycled materials to make the product. The company also recycles 94% of the water used in the manufacturing process of ECO, and their manufacturing plant has eliminated 99% of the VOCs and harmful particles from factory emissions.
The product website also has several fun facts about its content, including:
In the first year’s production of ECO by Cosentino we will use the equivalent to 2 million standard sized bathroom mirrors.
Check out their website for more and stop into ‘g’ to look at product samples in person – you are guaranteed to fall in love with it as we have!