Whether you’re building an entire house, renovating a few rooms, or just building a couple cabinets, you will inevitably have a million decisions to make.  Some things are a lot of fun to pick out, while others can be a bit tedious (though completely worth it in the end).  In our opinion we at ‘g’, believe the final touches fall into the pleasurable decisions category.  The last of these details is choosing the right hardware to give your space a unique flair and add a whole new level of interest.
Spectra Décor’s great selection of hardware provides you with a huge selection of cabinet hardware handcrafted by American artisans


At ‘g’ we can provide you with a huge range of styles produced by Spectra. Their beach pebble collection, produced of 100% recycled glass and lead free pewter, has great knobs. 
The bridge collection of door pulls composed of fabricated stainless steel and 100% recycled glass provide a modern touch to your home. 
We find the manmade blown glass drapery hardware absolutely captivating (far more interesting than any plastic finials you will find at Bed Bath and Beyond).
Fusion’s environmentally friendly inlays (cork, varia, natural shell) with lead free pewter or recycled aluminum provide an interesting contrast of materials. For a more whimsical look check out Glass by Ginger Kelley, handmade fused glass and lead free pewter knobs and pulls available in patterns like “ribbon” and “ducky”.
Variation is another one of our favorites, eco-resin and lead free class shapes and earth tones with interesting designs.
We also are happy to share another company that has handmade hardware locally produced in New England.  The founders collect sea stones to create the knobs and other hardware like coatracks.  Take a look at our website for more details.  They are under our building materials under decorative hardware.  Come in to the showroom see our newly received stone knobs and coat hooks.
Remember, Spectra hardware can provide the finishing touch to your brand-new room or a relatively inexpensive upgrade to a room that just needs a little change.
To see these and the other hardware visit the ‘g’ website http://www.ggreendesign.com/green-products-buildingmaterials.htm or just come in. The more pictures you see, the more you’ll agree that their motto “green is beautiful™” is more than just an advertising ploy.