We had a great presentation by Corrine Brandi of Synergy who spoke at our CHOPP GREEN- Healthy Eating Methods on February 27th.   Scroll down to see some additional information she has shared on healthy eating tips.  Corrine is a wealth of information and we’ll be pleased to have her join us again at the CHOPP GREEN series in April at Crane Appliance.  Register here.

At the Feb. 27th event, ‘g’ Green Design Center owner Nicole Goldman explained how she designed Corrine’s kitchen to enable her to optimally utilize the space for her whole foods diet.  There was a great deal of discussion on many different categories of food including acid/alkaline, source/process, living/dead, high water content/dry.

We also learned about spelt grain, coconut oil, red palm oil, and buckwheat.  Brandi explained the importance of getting enough water, fat and salt.  She joked that she, “shopped for good olive oil and salt like others go shopping for really expensive wines.”  She also explained that olive oil is not meant to be used in a stir fry or cooked at high temperatures.  Olive oil cannot reach those high temperatures with a smoke point that tops out at around 325 degrees.  Coconut oil can stand being heated to higher temperatures and is excellent for baking as well.  If you are looking for a savory dish and do not want the coconut oil taste try avocado oil.

She believes in sourcing all of her food locally like buying salt from Wellfleet Sea Salt Company and only buying certified organic products.  Take a look at her slides below to get more of an idea about her healthy eating tips.  She will be at the CHOPP GREEN series at Crane Appliance in April.  To register for the upcoming events in April at Crane Appliance click here.