Above all our counters are beautiful, and come in a vast array of colors and color combinations.

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  • Our manufacturers understand that you need to blend and mix the counters with your cabinets, flooring, tiling, hardware and appliances, therefore many options include wood tones to highlight cabinet colors, or bring out the tones of the floor.
  • Prefer a stark contrast? Then select from the deep ebony tones, or a crisp white on white.
  • There are bold selections with strong colors, and graceful tones to create a serene and calming background.

Protect Your Health and Use Reclaimed Materials

Homestead kitchen color

  • Its all about Your Health and Well Being – All the materials at g Green Design Center have a special focus on health, whether the material contributes to excellent air quality in your home, or is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial
  • With so many options for counters, it’s a good feeling to know that each counter option at g Green Design Center includes all these qualities, allowing you to feel safe, and know that your home and your family can breathe easily.
  • A sustainable approach includes reclaimed materials such as glass, paper and concrete. Experience the beauty of recycled elements with glinting mica, or colorful sea-glass, the countertops at g Green Design Center include elements you won’t find elsewhere, paired with our full service design, your home will come to life – the counters are an essential, central element

  • Durable and Low Maintenance – There’s no need to walk on egg shells around your counters – you shouldn’t have to worry each time someone spills the salad dressing, or leaves a glass unattended. Our countertops come with a variety of maintenance suggestions, and many need little or no special treatment, making them easy to use, and easy to maintain. You need to be assured that you are getting a good value and that the beautiful new countertop you install will last for years looking great.
  • A Choice for Any Budget – With the wide range of countertop selections, its important that you can choose something beautiful and affordable, within a comfortable budget for your home.

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  • Going Green does not mean you pay more. “Going Green” means you are selecting carefully and that includes your budget.
  • There are selections in every price point from rich woods to sparkling glass
  • Unlike the big box stores, our pricing is INCLUSIVE of all the details including edging, sink cutouts and special shapes and curves

Additional Benefits?

  • You do not need to purchase a whole slab, which can make it more affordable for bathroom vanities and for larger kitchen projects, you don’t have to be conscious of sticking to one slab when you need more.
  • There are multiple thicknesses so you can change the look or reduce costs with these options.
  • Many of the surfaces are non-porous and do not require additional sealing and maintenance.
  •  g Green Design Center selections are of the highest quality, are durable products and you won’t have the same worries about stains, heat resistance and scratching as with traditional stone products.
  •  g Green Design Center products are ones you can feel good about — in additional to their recycled content and responsible manufacturing, choosing sustainable materials avoids supporting the destructive mining processes linked to granite and marble

You can also see g Green Design Center‘s beautiful counter, cabinet and tiling displays at Crane Appliance  Rt. 28 in Falmouth (near Stop & Shop)