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Kitchen & BathGreat kitchens don’t appear overnight – it takes thought and consideration – and great materials, and even a designer perhaps. Here at g Green Design Center we just love creating or recreating kitchens and baths. There are so many wonderful textures, colors, layouts and combinations that help us to make a perfect space with your needs, budget and way of living in mind.

From recycled glass countertops and sparkling tiles, to hardwood cabinets with painted or stained finishes, every element of your new kitchen or bath will be sustainable, durable, stylish and healthy. Our products are manufactured without harmful chemicals, including petro-chemicals, and are low VOC and NAUF (no-added urea-formaldehyde).

A visit to the showroom will open up a world of fun and beauty and we’ll help you to dream and build your refreshed home.


Canyon Creek Cabinetry

Canyon Creek
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Decorative Hardware

Richelieu Decorative Hardware

Rocky Mountain
Serena Sea Stones
Aurora Glass
Tiling & Countertops

Tiling & Countertops





We provide Resource Design Services to assist in bringing sustainable options to you.

As you are selecting design items for your home, we provide Resource Design Services that will coordinate well with your interior design plans.

Our objective is to provide direction that will create beautiful spaces that blend well with all aspects of your home.

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